Saturday, 6 February 2016


 Most of people fails in giving answer of this simple question "How science is differ from engineering?" because most of people taking science and engineering as one stream but there is fine line between this two. Let me explain.

        If we talk about science than it is all about making understanding of conceptual law behind every process being in this universe and  Engineering is all about using that science laws to build machine or anything that will make human life easier.

        Let me explain by one example. Gravity law invented by great scientists newton explains science behind attraction force between any two mass bodies e.g. Sun and moon. So Newton is recognized as scientists not an engineer. Now engineering comes after science. By using that science law ball pen was made i.e. Ink in pen is fed downward towards ballpoint by gravity force so we can write anything on paper easily..

        By using that scientific laws we can make out day to day task this is the basic difference between science and engineering.Although this two are different stream existence of one without another is worthless.

         This is enough for today. I will come with another science law and its application in my next article.

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